Buddy Rubino is the voice actor for the latest Bop It games. He has been recording the voice for Bop It since 2008. In the Bop It games, he records the game mode names like "Solo" "Pass It" "Party" and an introduction message such as "Bop It to start." and a shutdown message such as "I'm going to sleep."

He also records the commands like "Bop It!" "Twist It!" "Pull It!", the screams like "Yeow!" "Oh ho ho ho!" "Yeah-ha-ha-ha-ho-ho!" and the comments following the scream.

He also says the numbers and the word "score" and "high score".

He has done the voice for Bop It 07789, Bop It XT, Bop It Smash, Bop It Tetris, Bop It Micro and Bop It 2016. He has also recorded for some video games such as Bop It iOS and Hasbro Family Games Night 2 for the Nintendo Wii.