Bop It Beats was a version of Bop It that was released by Hasbro in 2013. Bop It Beats has two turntables each side and has the following commands:

  • Bop It
  • Scratch It
  • Spin It
  • Reverse
  • Flip It
  • Repeat
  • Pass It

The Modes Edit

Classic Edit

In the Classic mode, the player is given one command at a time and the player scores a point on completing it. The scoring works quite differently to other Bop It games as the player is given a 'random score' at the end of the game. Most players score anything between 238-263. If the player completes round 3 of the entire game and messes up on the last round, the game unit will say to the player "Master DJ in the club!" after messing up. "Master DJ in the club!" is the best phrase.

DJ Edit

In this game, the player is given a sequence of commands and the player has to follow a sequence of commands in the correct rhythm. Before the game begins, the announcer says "Wait till I say go." and the first pattern is issued. On hearing the word "go!" the player repeats the sequence. If the player manages to complete the sequence in order, the player will hear a laser sound which will give the player extra points. In the Expert mode, the player is usually given five extra points. The end score is usually random. The game ends with the "Master DJ in the club!" and the player's score is announced.

Party Mode Edit

Each Classic and DJ modes have a separate 'Party' mode where it is the Pass It mode for the Bop It. During this game, a "Pass It" command will be issued randomly so another player can play.

Remix Edit

This is a freestyle mode where the player can do anything they like. The player can press any button on the game unit and it will play a sound.

The Levels Edit

Rookie Edit

In the rookie level, only the Bop It, Spin It and Scratch It commands are issued. The Reverse command is issued later on in the level on Classic but never issued in DJ.

Expert Edit

In this mode, the Reverse and Repeat commands are activated and in the DJ mode, the game starts off with 3 commands and ends at 6. However, in the English version of Bop It Beats, the game glitches out on the six command pattern.

Lights Only Edit

In this mode, the gameplay is similar to DJ Expert but instead the repeat command is never issued. All voice commands are replaced with sound effects and the player is encouraged to follow the light patterns that the game produces. Sound effects replace the voices that will guide the player if they can't follow light patterns.